Tszyu v Biggs 2023 Betting Tips

This Saturday, November 22nd 2023, the boxing world is going to explode. We’ll witness a clash of the ultimate titans as Nikita Tszyu and Dylan Biggs face off. Both fighters are undefeated and have stellar records, but who will emerge victorious to claim the WBA super welterweight title? As a low-key boxing fan, I’ll analyse their strengths, weaknesses, styles and strategies. But most importantly, I’ll look at the odds and predictions from the bookies.

TLDR: Tszyu is the favourite to win according to the bookies, but Biggs has a chance to upset him with his speed and power. Both fighters will be looking to prove themselves as the best in the division.

On the ropes

This fight has generated a lot of interest and excitement among fans and bettors alike. Both fighters are in their prime and have impressive records. If we look at the latest odds, Tszyu is the clear favourite, with a probability of 75% to win the fight. Biggs, on the other hand, is the underdog, facing only a a probability of 25% to win. Why is Tszyu such a favoured contender? And what are the chances that Biggs can pull off an upset?

Why I think Nikita Tszyu will get up

Nikita Tszyu is one of the most promising boxers in the world right now. He has a record of 19 wins and no losses, with 15 knockouts. He is the son of the legendary Kostya Tszyu, who was a four-time world champion in two weight classes. Nikita has inherited his father’s skills, power and determination. He is ready to face Dylan Biggs, who is also undefeated, but has faced weaker opponents and has less experience. Here are some reasons why I think Nikita Tszyu will get up:

  • He has better technique and footwork than Biggs. He can switch stances, use angles and create openings for his punches.
  • He has a stronger chin and stamina than Biggs. He can take a punch and keep going, while Biggs has been hurt and dropped in some of his fights.
  • He has a more versatile arsenal of punches than Biggs. He can throw jabs, hooks, uppercuts and body shots with both hands. He can also mix it up with combinations and feints.
  • He has a higher level of competition than Biggs. He has faced and beaten former world champions and top contenders, such as Jeff Horn, Jack Brubaker and Dennis Hogan. Biggs has not fought anyone of that calibre yet.

Nikita Tszyu will get up simply because he is a more complete fighter than Dylan Biggs. He has the edge in every aspect of the game, and he has the confidence and motivation to prove himself as the best in the division. I predict that he will win by knockout in the later rounds, after wearing down and hurting Biggs with his superior skills and power.

Nikita Tszyu

Focus on: Nikita Tszyu

Knockout Move: Right Hook

The son of the legendary Kostya Tszyu is following in his father’s footsteps as a dominant force in the boxing world. He has an impressive record of 19 wins and no losses, with 15 of his victories coming by knockout. He is the current WBO Global and IBF Australasian super welterweight champion, and he is ready to take on Dylan Biggs in a highly anticipated bout. Watch out for his powerful right hook and his relentless pressure on his opponents.

Why I think Dylan Biggs could win

Dylan Biggs is not the clear favourite to win. He does have a few advantages in his corner that could make him a surprise contender. Let’s see why I think Biggs has a chance to upset Tszyu and claim the title.

  • Biggs is younger and faster than Tszyu. He can use his speed and agility to avoid Tszyu’s powerful punches and counter with quick jabs and hooks.
  • Biggs has a longer reach than Tszyu. He can keep Tszyu at a distance and prevent him from getting close and landing body shots or uppercuts.
  • Biggs has more experience than Tszyu. He has fought in more professional bouts and faced tougher opponents than Tszyu, who is relatively new to the sport. Biggs knows how to handle pressure and adapt to different styles.

Of course, Tszyu is still a formidable opponent and has many strengths of his own. He is stronger, more aggressive, and more confident than Biggs. He also has a loyal fan base that will cheer him on and motivate him. Biggs could have the potential to surprise everyone and pull off an upset. He just needs to stick to his game plan, stay focused, and exploit Tszyu’s weaknesses.

Dylan Biggs

Focus on: Dylan Biggs

Knockout Move: Uppercut

The rising star of Australian boxing is ready to take on the legendary Nikita Tszyu in a blockbuster bout. He has won 15 of his 16 professional fights, with 12 of them by knockout. He has a powerful and precise uppercut that can stun any opponent. He is confident and determined to prove himself as the best in the division. He will not be intimidated by Tszyu’s reputation or experience. Look out for his speed and aggression in the ring.

What do the bookies say?

The upcoming boxing match between Nikita Tszyu and Dylan Biggs is one of the most anticipated fights in Australian boxing history. Both fighters are undefeated and have a history of sparring together, with Biggs claiming to have dropped Tszyu in a session several years ago. But who has the edge according to the bookies? Here are some of the odds from different betting sites:

Bookmaker Tszyu Biggs
Bet365 1.50 2.50
Sportsbet 1.45 2.65
Ladbrokes 1.44 2.75
Betfair 1.42 2.80

As you can see, Tszyu is the clear favourite across all platforms, with odds ranging from 1.42 to 1.50. Biggs is the underdog, with odds ranging from 2.50 to 2.80. This means that if you bet $100 on Tszyu, you would win $142 to $150, while if you bet $100 on Biggs, you would win $250 to $280.

Based on these odds, the bookies are favouring Tszyu’s experience, power and pedigree over Biggs’ youth, speed and confidence. However, anything can happen in boxing. Biggs has proven himself to be a dangerous opponent who can surprise anyone with his knockout power.

If you are looking for a recommendation, I suggest you follow your gut and bet on the fighter you believe in. However, if you want to play it safe, you could hedge your bets by placing a smaller amount on the underdog and a larger amount on the favourite. This way, you could still make a profit regardless of the outcome.

The Bottom Line

I’m so keen for this match on Nov 22nd and am expecting a thrilling showdown. Both fighters have impressive records, skills and styles, but who has the edge according to the bookies? Based on my analysis of the current odds, Tszyu is the clear favourite, with Biggs the underdog.

None of these odds are not set in stone, and they may change as the fight date approaches. Factors such as injuries, training camps, weigh-ins and public opinion could influence the odds. If you are planning to place a bet on this match, you should do your research, compare different bookmakers and look for the best value.

Disclaimer: Remember that online sportsbetting is a risky activity, and you should only bet what you can afford to lose. There is no guarantee that you will win, and you may end up losing more than you wagered. Always gamble responsibly and seek help if you have a problem.

John Power
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